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It is the mission of Mark at Eastern Healing to allow clients a safe, therapeutic space, to relax and heal the mind and body.

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Hi, I’m Mark. I offer services as a holistic bodywork practitioner and guided nurturing classes in Yin and Hatha yoga. I am a certified practitioner in Spinopractic Massage, authentic Kahuna Bodywork, Thai Yoga Massage, and ISBT-Bowen Therapy. My studies in yoga include 100hrs of Himalayan Yin Yoga through Taraji Yoga and 200hrs of Hatha Yoga through the Sunrise Yoga and Meditation Academy.

I didn’t take a traditional path to where I am now. For nearly 25 years I served in the NSW public service, leaving in 2017. About this time my life came to a serious cross roads and I found yoga and meditation, which helped me immensely. 

From one thing to the next, I found myself wanting to help others with some of the modalities that helped me through some tough times. One thing that I came to realise is that everyone is fighting their own personal battle and almost everyone is suffering in some way or enduring some type of pain, whether physical or psychological. I have a great amount of empathy for those who have suffered the effects of trauma.

My goal during a treatment is to share some of the holistic modalities that I’ve learnt, to help you leave in a much better state than when you arrived. At Eastern Healing I can promise you that you’ll be met and treated with the utmost respect, compassion and empathy. I look forward to helping you soon.

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