Bodywork, Massage and Yin Yoga private sessions:
1 hour for $90
1.5 hours for $135

Bowen Therapy:
1 hour for $70 (most Bowen treatments are completed in 1 hour)

Spinopractic Massage:
This technique is conducted over a half hour consult for $50

Authentic Kahuna Bodywork is done with the receiver respectfully draped and naked. This modality is an all over bodywork with long flowing strokes across underwear lines on the buttocks and lateral aspects of the hips. An important aspect of the bodywork is to facilitate lymphatic drainage and digestion and for this reason Kahuna Bodywork incorporates bodywork on the chest (around breast tissue) and on the belly.

No. At Eastern Healing we respect your wishes, which is why you can opt for a Bliss Body Combo massage. This is an oil based bodywork with some elements of the strokes from a Kahuna Bodywork, but is technically not a Kahuna Bodywork. Possibly a good place to start, to see if you might one day try an authentic Kahuna Bodywork.

No. Kahuna Bodywork works on a deep therapeutic level with utmost professionalism and respect given to the receiver.

Yes. In addition to the Kahuna Bodywork working on a deep level, part of the training is focused on a Back roll and Back `walk’ technique which does require to careful application of localized deep pressure to parts of the back and shoulders.

People becoming emotional during or after a treatment happens on occasion. This is completely normal. Kahuna Bodywork and Thai Yoga Massage are very nurturing and some Bowen Therapy moves can release emotions from within. Your treatment at Eastern Healing is given with compassion and respect. Considerable effort has been made to create a safe environment for your body to be allowed to ‘heal’, should the circumstances be right. If this happens to you the treatment may continue after a pause or continue through your ‘shift’.

No. Each massage is different and is done with great sensitivity according to each person’s differing bodies and ailments.

Generally not. In particular, a full body Thai Yoga massage can be safely administered whilst lying on each side, but always best to check with your doctor if in doubt.

No. The beauty of Himalayan Yin Yoga is that it’s a guided stretching practice with no rules of alignment and considers each participant as the ‘yoga teacher’ in charge of their own bodies. The practice has no hard rules and is not competitive. It’s the perfect supplement to an active lifestyle with lots of activity and muscular engagement.

Bowen Therapy is a gentle modality which can feel superficial and like you want more, but history has shown that the effects can be deep and last for days. Bowen Therapy works on the principle of ‘less is more’ and with the mindset of not overstimulating any area of the body. Because Bowen Therapy is gentle, it can be particularly suitable for elderly people, children and babies, and pregnant women.